Boost the city economy with tourist-targeted services

The kiosk, optionally, can help the tourists to select attraction that might appeal to them. Through a series of question about their interest, the easy2u kiosk can propose trips, venues and events that would suit given criteria, and display this information on the screen, print a map, sell tickets, or make reservations.

Easy2u kiosk can provide them interactive wayfinding maps, hotel, food and entertainment information, ticketing and accommodation service, public transport schedule, airport check-in service, rent-a-car services, as well as security information (passport and other ID document checking).

Kiosks digital signage capabilities with large screens is a great way to generate additional revenue from an advertisement which will engage tourists to use local transport services. Not only is this ROI aspect seen in currency, but this is also a great way to incorporate customer surveys and get real feedback about their needs. Having satisfied customers is arguably the best ROI you could ask for.

  • Staff and real estate costs reducing associated with multilanguage information desks on airports, train stations, and bus stations
  • Promote your city, local businesses and shops, and control advertised content in real time
  • Revenue and productivity increasing while attracting more customers and enhancing their experience
  • Extension of operational time and service availability for commuters

Suggested features

Money Transfer & Payment Services

Customized, quick and safe solution from money transfer and payments


Quality color printing and scanning for everybody

Photo Printing

High-quality photos printing available

Wi-Fi Connection

Free Wi-Fi hotspot

QR Code Reader

Credit code identification and cryptocurrency wallet reader

Advertising & Digital Signage

Marketing display and video advertising

Tourist & Info Services

Route planning, ticket services, tourist info bulletin

PassBy Analytics

Detailed reporting and analytics of visitors’ foot traffic and movement nearby


Promote business with personalized kiosk branding

Paint & Print

Draw, edit and save pictures, send them to email or print it