Instant insurance policy platform "Direct on the spot"

Being able to process and approve insurance applications in under two minutes is huge for consumers on the go. Bringing together multiple technologies into one enclosure is key for accomplishing the ultimate goal for insurance kiosks. Easy2u kiosk can cover various types of insurance, from auto insurance, through the travelers and life insurance, to property insurance.

With easy2u kiosks, insurance companies get versatile customer care spot, suitable for placing on different locations. Through the kiosk, they are able to cross-sell all type of insurance packages in one platform. That will shorten payment time, eliminate middlemen commission, increase sales margins and provide real-time reporting.

Suggested features

Money Transfer & Payment Services

Customized, quick and safe solution from money transfer and payments


Quality color printing and scanning for everybody

KYC (Know Your Customer) Procedure

Blockchain-based, cutting-edge technology for better services personalization

PassBy Analytics

Detailed reporting and analytics of visitors foot traffic and movement nearby

Advertising & Digital Signage

Marketing display and video advertising


Promote business with personalized kiosk branding

ID Document Reader/Scanner

For biometric and paper-based ID documents

Form Filling and Printing

Automatic form filling with data from ID documen

Video Assistance

Direct video chat with dedicated Call Center

Electronic Signature

Signing up documents witha signature pad

Fingerprint Scanner

Electronic security system with biometric authentication