A new innovative healthcare self-service platform

Easy2u interactive kiosks help hospitals and other healthcare institutions patients and visitors to have positive experiences. With cost-effective kiosk solution, based on the latest IT infrastructure and technologies, healthcare institutions investment will increase customer loyalty, which will result in higher revenue.

At the same time, hospitals and healthcare institutions will reduce human errors and alleviate the burden on staff incurred by paperwork and data input. Kiosks can have an outsized impact in streamlining ubiquitous administrative processes. They are made to modernize everyday tasks such as check-in, patients' registration process, payments, prescriptions, data input, and more. Enabling patient self-service for these functions allows doctors and nurses to focus energies and efforts more on aspects that will directly benefit the quality of patient care.

Suggested features

Money Transfer & Payment Services

Customized, quick and safe solution from money transfer and payments


Quality color printing and scanning for everybody

Wi-Fi Connection

Free Wi-Fi hotspot

PassBy Analytics

Detailed reporting and analytics of visitors foot traffic and movement nearb

Advertising & Digital Signage

Marketing display and video advertising


Promote business with personalized kiosk branding

Loyalty, Gift,and Financial Cards

Registration, issuing cards on the spot, and instant card activation

ID Document Reader/Scanner

For biometric and paper-based ID documents

Form Filling and Printing

Automatic form filling with data from ID documen

Receipt printer

Marketing display and video advertising

Video Assistance

Direct video chat with dedicated Call Center