Cutting-edge technology for innovative educational institutions

For schools and universities, knowing how to use interactive kiosks in education could make a real difference to student life and business efficiency. Easy2u as an educational kiosk can be customized to provide all valuable information and services for students. It can be used to support learning, providing educational resources and tools, to reserve books in the library, or buy them in online shops.

For higher education institutions with large campuses, the touchscreens can display maps and offer navigation tools to help students find the right classroom. Another key use is for cafeterias - in addition to displaying menus, kiosks can also let students top-up smart cards.

Providing helpful touchscreens for students can reduce the workload and paperwork for staff. Kiosks could even reduce an institution's reliance on staff for certain functions, therefore lowering overhead costs.

Suggested features

Money Transfer & Payment Services

Customized, quick and safe solution from money transfer and payments


Quality color printing and scanning for everybody

Photo Printing

High-quality photos printing available

Tourist & Info Services

Route planning, ticket services, tourist info bulletin...

Wi-Fi Connection

Route planning, ticket services, tourist info bulletin...

Advertising & Digital Signage

Marketing display and video advertising

Loyalty, Gift,and Financial Cards

Registration, issuing cards on the spot, and instant card activation


Promote business with personalized kiosk branding

Ticket Printer

Customized solution for various ticket printing

ID Document Reader/Scanner

For biometric and paper-based ID documents