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COVID-19 Impact on Interactive Kiosks Market

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COVID-19 Impact on Interactive Kiosks Market

The COVID-19 virus pandemic stopped the world in early 2020 and has already caused a major impact on our lives. Our habits are changing, but also the rules that we must follow in different situations. In the future, tourism, transport, sports, and cultural events, i.e. all events that involve gathering numerous people in a limited space, will be especially susceptible to this.

Whether you are at the airport, in a business space, or in a store, it is a general recommendation to wear protective equipment. Also, in the coming period, it will be necessary to wear masks and gloves and to follow the prescribed procedures and take care of disinfection if you wish to enter the plane, train, or bus. However, not all passengers have all the necessary equipment with them, so a new market segment opens here – the sale and distribution of sanitary kits.

Transport companies care about having the greatest possible number of passengers, so they must consider how to keep those who may not be adequately equipped. This includes providing protective equipment and disinfectants on site. This is where the manufacturers of self-service machines enter the scene, reacting promptly and presenting vending devices that dispense protective equipment and disinfectants.

Touchless control

Manufacturers devised various solutions under the COVID-19 protection recommendations. Standard mechanical push-buttons or touchscreen panels on vending machines can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. That is why it is necessary to consider new contactless (touchless) experience technologies. Some of the manufacturers already introduced touchless controls and transaction technologies. This is a large step forward, but there is one problem with it – users must get used not to touch the device, but to perform the control by “waving” their fingers in the air. Also, it is a new technology, which means that it is very expensive, and thus raises the price of the kiosk itself.

An alternative is remote kiosk control, e.g. via a mobile phone. Everyone knows how to use a mobile phone, and the only thing they should do is to connect to the kiosk (and eventually to install the appropriate application) before they start controlling it. This ensures a complete and safe touchless control, with a familiar user interface.

Automatic self-disinfection

Client protection is just one side of complete protection. The other side is related to the disinfection of the kiosks themselves. Since it can be assumed that numerous people will use them, it is necessary to provide an efficient disinfection system for vending machines, which need to be automatic.

One of the procedures that have proven to be effective is the use of UV-C light. They have used in the UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) method of disinfection. UVGI is a common process that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill or deactivate microorganisms, destroying their nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA.

For effective disinfection of surfaces that users touching, it is sufficient UV-C light exposure for 30 seconds after each use. When the user moves away from the kiosk, the sensors activate a disinfection procedure, which ensures safety even when touchless technology is not used.

Also, kiosks can be painted with antibacterial and antiviral paints. These paints contain components that affect the bacteria and viruses elimination from treated surfaces.

Automatic self-disinfection

easy2u hyperkiosk offers a complete solution to all demands caused by COVID-19. It is a fully configurable and customizable machine. The hyperkiosk can dispense sanitary kits, but also perform various other tasks common to the interactive smart kiosks. If necessary, additional modules for the disinfection of the user's hands can be installed in it, via UV-C light and/or automatic dispensers for antibacterial gel.

One of the major benefits of hyperkiosk is its multifunctionality. One day, when the need for the present methods of protection ceases, it can be seamlessly transformed to perform completely different tasks – e.g. to print documents and images, verify boarding cards, pay bills, and cashing checks… In other words, investment in hyperkiosk is future proof!