A New Attractive Digital Core Banking Channel

Interactive kiosks are the ideal way to bring branches into the digital age, connect with customers and enhance the banking experience. Easy2u kiosk is made with the aim to bridge the gap between online and in-branch banking. For customers who usually visit a branch to do their banking may find that kiosk speeds-up and streamline the process. And for customers that do the majority of their banking digitally, interactive kiosks can provide a familiar platform from which to access financial services in the branch. In either case, easy2u kiosks offer an enhanced customer experience in branches and enable customers to connect with financial services in new ways.

With easy2u kiosk, waiting time is vastly reduced, while visually appealing branded content improves customer engagement with a bank's brand. We provide a modern platform for communicating additional services to customers, saving bank employees precious time. Targeted digital signage messages are a great way to keep customers up-to-date with the latest information, rates, and promotions.

Easy2u can streamline the way customers access information and complete transactions, resulting in a more satisfying banking experience.

Suggested features

Money Transfer & Payment Services

Customized, quick and safe solution from money transfer and payments


Quality color printing and scanning for everybody

KYC (Know Your Customer) Procedure

Blockchain-based, cutting-edge technology for better services personalization

PassBy Analytics

Detailed reporting and analytics of visitors foot traffic and movement nearby

Advertising & Digital Signage

Marketing display and video advertising


Promote business with personalized kiosk branding

ID Document Reader/Scanner

For biometric and paper-based ID documents

Form Filling and Printing

Automatic form filling with data from ID documen

Video Assistance

Direct video chat with dedicated Call Center

Electronic Signature

Signing up documents witha signature pad

Fingerprint Scanner

Electronic security system with biometric authentication